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Individual Inhabitant Tax Increased

Do not panic (as some of the people I know did!). It’s not just you… and it’s happening everywhere. Yes, everyone’s, or I should say many people’s 個人住民税 (kojin-juumin-zei), or individual inhabitant tax has increased this month.

The Tsukuba City website has detailed information regarding this tax structure change here(pdf), but since it’s all in Japanese, I’ll post the information from the second page of the Spring 2007 issue of Hello Kanagawa (pdf):

Amount of the Individual Inhabitant Tax will be Changed in FY 2007

It is necessary for local governments to efficiently perform their administrative services that are truly required by the residents. For this purpose, it has been decided that part of the income tax (national tax) of about ¥3 trillion shall be transferred (transfer of tax sources to local governments”) to the “individual inhabitant tax” (local tax), which includes the prefectural inhabitant tax on individuals and the municipal inhabitant tax on individuals. Accordingly, the present three-level tax rates (5%, 10%, and 13%) of “taxation on income basis” of the individual inhabitant tax will be unified into one rate of 10%.

Please read the rest here:

I’ve also found this blog by Nagamine Accounting Office in Tokyo. I hope they don’t mind me posting their blog here:
You will find this blog VERY useful!

It doesn’t matter if your are a pensioner or low-income single parent, everyone gets treated the same, which is not so fair in this case. However, the total tax burden, that is the total amount of income tax and individual inhabitant tax will remain the same, although a lot of people will end up paying more due to the tax rate changes. Measures to decrease this “extra” amount have been put into place, so you should check with the city especially if you are low-income taxpayer.

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  • Shaney says:

    Here is the official notice from Tsukuba City Hall. I think it was delivered to people who are registered as foreign residents of Tsukuba.

  • RrFish says:

    Wow, thanks for uploading that here. I happened to go to one of the community halls last night, and looked around to see if there’s any notice regarding tax in English…. No wonder I didn’t see any!

    All of my co-workers are talking about this tax structural change, and some of them sounded pretty upset!