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Increase in Bike and Motorcycle Theft in Tsukuba

Police stations around Tsukuba have reported an increase in bicycle and motorcycle theft. To keep your bikes and motorcycles safe, you should park them in a managed area (and not on the road or sidewalk), use a lock in addition to the one that is built-in, and register them so that they can be identified as belonging to you if they are found.


Here are the statistics for vehicle theft in 2006 from the two police stations and the top five satellite offices in Tsukuba.

Tsukuba Central Police Station

Car thefts = 150 (down 26)
Motorcycle thefts = 235 (up 63)
Bicycle thefts = 693 (up 107)

Tsukuba North Police Station

Car thefts = 43 (up 7)
Motorcycle thefts = 7 (no change)
Bicycle thefts = 47 (up 3)

Tsukuba Station Koban

Car thefts = 13 (up 4)
Motorcycle thefts = 89 (up 27)
Bicycle thefts = 401 (up 75)

Matsushiro Koban

Car thefts = 30 (up 3)
Motorcycle thefts = 83 (up 8)
Bicycle thefts = 232 (up 19)

Tateno Office

Car thefts = 12 (down 15)
Motorcycle thefts = 14 (up 5)
Bicycle thefts = 40 (up 6)

Yatabe Koban

Car thefts = 28 (up 5)
Motorcycle thefts = 6 (up 2)
Bicycle thefts = 31 (up 3)

Namiki Koban

Car thefts = 9 (down 14)
Motorcycle thefts = 8 (no change)
Bicycle thefts = 42 (down 5)


  • dimaks says:

    wow! i wonder where would the thieves bring those stolen cars/bikes/bicycles untraced within Japan.. hmm

    well, better safe than sorry. a friend lost his newly bought bicycle last year, in full chain lock. these guys must be carrying bolt cutter all along :) or perhaps a van to load up.

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