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Free Rakugo shows at Seibu tomorrow

There will be two free 寄席(yose or traditional Japanese storytelling show) at Seibu department store tomorrow. Free 寄席s are Seibu’s bimonthly events, so keep checking their website for the next ones as well: Seibu’s events page

Bimonthly Free Yose
June 2, Sat. From Noon and 2pm*
*整理券(seiriken or numbered tickets) will be handed out to first 30 people from 11am and 1pm in front of Seibu Hall.
Tsukuba Seibu Hall (6th floor of Seibu Department)

落語家(rakugo-ka or comedic storytellers) who will be performing are:
柳家 〆治(Yanagiya Shimeji – watch his video here) and
古今亭 朝太 (Kokontei Chota – watch his video here)

[Please go to 落語協会/Rakugo Kyokai or Rakugo Association’s websit for other “yose” information and for the list of “rakugo-ka.” You can watch other 落語家 videos here.]

What is Rakugo (from Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati website)
What is Rakugo? (from wiki)

Other events this weekend:
Namiki High School Festival
Yasato Pottery Festival
Map and Survey Festival
Mongolia Exhibition
Michi no Ichi (arts and craft fair)
Science Day and Environment Day at Ibaraki Nature Museum

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