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Tsukuba Festival page updated

OK, I complained a lot in my previous post:

I kind of felt bad for writing that because all I did was to complain, but I found out that I wasn’t the only one who’s not happy with the lack of official website for this international festival this year. I got in touch with a few other unhappy people, including ones who are going to be in the int’l fair, through SNSs and mailing lists while I was scrambling for just about any information on Tsukuba Festival. I’ve seen small ads in a free monthly newspaper and a magazine that are distributed in TX stations and businesses along TX line, but not much on the internet.

Tsukuba City has updated the page for Tsukuba festival last night, but they only added the small bit of information regarding dirigile test ride event and mini dirigible classes. OK, this is the city’s 20th anniversary and this Zeppelin (named after the famous German dirigible) thingy is a big event for Tsukuba, but that’s only one event of the Tsukuba Festival. If the city is really expecting 70,000 visitors during the festival, they should do more to promote this event.

Thank you Cornelia for your comments and putting together a page for Tsukuba International Exchange Fair!
Japan With Kids – Tsukuba International Exchange Fair

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