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Tsukuba Festival flyer

The city posted the festival programs on their website on Monday. It’s all in Japanese though.


Please go to the following site to view the festival flyer.

For those who need any extra information on this festival, ACCS(Tsukuba’s cable TV company) was airing the festival report from last year a while ago. ACCS will air this year’s festival report from May 28 to June 3 from 8am, 2pm, and 9pm on channel 702(digital) or channel 9(analog).

An update:
Tsukuba Cultural Foundation has uploaded a flyer for the Tsukuba International Exchange Fair, which is only one of the events happening during the Tsukuba Festival this weekend.
The other flyer I mentioned earlier is for the entire Tsukuba Festival.

One Comment

  • Marianne Wächter says:

    Wollte mich einfach nur über das aktuelle Programm der
    Tsukuba-Festivals 2008 informieren. Es sind z.Zt. einige Kammermusikkonzerte u.a. mit Mitgliedern der Wiener Philharmoniker bis anfang Nov… aber: wer kann schon japanisch….. leider sind die Seiten nicht zu übersetzen, auch in engl. nicht = schade.
    HG M.Wächter