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Professional Sumo coming to Ibaraki!

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Oozumou(大相撲/professional sumo) is coming to Tsuchiura in October!!

(Oozumou Tsuchiura-Ushiku Basho(Tournament))

will be held on October 13, Saturday at the 霞ヶ浦文化体育会館(Kasumigaura Bunka Taiiku Kaikan, or better known as 水郷体育館/Suigou Taiiku Kan) in Tsuchiura City. Kasumigaura Bunka Taiiku Kaikan is only about 20 minute drive from Tsukuba.

Why is this tourney named Tsuchiura-Ushiku Basho when it’s held in Tsuchiura? In fact, it was called the Tsuchiura Basho when Oozumo came to Tsuchiura in the past. It’s because 稀勢の里(Kiseno-Sato), a VERY promising sumo wrestler who grew up in Ryugasaki City and Ushiku City, is participating in the tourney this time!

How promising is this Kiseno-Sato? Well, I’m not too familiar with oozumou, but even I can tell that Kiseno-Sato is a rising star. He won a match against the current grand champ, Asashoryuu, last Fall. He won a Makushita title when he was 17 years and 6 months old, which ranks the 3rd youngest in the record. He also advanced to Juryo and Makuuchi at the 2nd youngest age in the record.

Learn more about Kiseno-Sato (Ushiku City’s website(Japanese))

The first deadline to book is June 30, and the vouchers for the seats will be sent in the mail. However, there’ll be a drawing if the applications for seats exceeds the seating capacity. You can download the application sheet from the Oozumou Tsuchiura-Ushiku Basho website: http://oguogu.jp/~oozumo/yoyaku.pdf


  • PickleO says:

    Is there an easy way for a non-Japanese speaking foreigner to apply for tickets? I’m coming to Japan in October and would love to attend this, or any other Sumo event. Because we will miss the major September and November tournaments, I’m interested to see what we can do in October. Any information much appreciated :)

  • RrFish says:

    Hi, PickleO,

    Thanks for your comment.
    I think it’d be very difficult for someone to book tix from overseas because you’ll need to have a mailing address in Japan to have the vouchers for tix to be sent to. The tickets will go on sale at 11 box offices in Tsuchiura and Ushiku Cities starting July 15, so it’s possible to buy tickets in October if there are any left….

    The organizer for this sumo tourney in Ibaraki is the “Oozumou Tsuchiura-Ushiku Basho Executive Committee” based in Tsuchiura, not the professional sumo itself, so they don’t have the convenient ticket purchasing system like the Oozumou:

    The Oozumou’s site hasn’t posted the tour schedules for Fall yet, but please keep checking:

    I’ll send an e-mail to Tsuchiura-Ushiku Basho Executive Committee, and will post any useful information I get from them here.

  • Shaney says:

    I think the only way for you to do it will be to get someone here to buy the tickets for you. You could organize payment to that person through a Paypal account, for example.

    Please contact TsukuBlog and we can discuss the details.

  • RrFish says:

    I heard back from the Tsuchiura-Ushiku Basho Executive Committee today, and here’s what they said:

    Booking Procedure
    – They only accept booking requests that are either faxed or mailed.

    – You MUST make booking requests by the deadline to obtain tickets. I thought you can still purchase tix at the box offices once they start selling tickets there starting July 15, but apparently, the tickets that those box offices will be selling are the tix in exchange for ticket vouchers. Let me double check on this though.

    Method of Payment
    – Cash or payments made through a bank transfer only.
    – No credit cards (not even at the box offices)

    Language problem
    – There is no staff in the committee or at the box offices who speak language other than Japanese.

    If any of you, the TsukuBlog readers, are interested in going to this sumo basho but don’t speak or read Japanese, you’ll need to find someone who can help you.