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Namiki High School Festival

Namiki High School in Namiki will hold its annual school festival called かえで祭(Kaede-sai) this coming weekend, and it’ll be the last festival the school will be holding as a “high school.”

As I have mentioned in my post last month titled “Tsuchiura Nihon University Secondary School and a new school in Namiki,” Namki High School will end its 23-year history as a high school next spring, and will become the first public secondary school in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Kaede-sai is from 11am to 4pm on Saturday and 9am to 1pm on Sunday. All the games, food and exhibits are prepared by the Namiki High students. This is definitely a very family-oriented event. Please take a look at the school’s blog to see what the festival was like last year: Namiki HS Blog

There are parking spaces, but I really recommend going there by bike or by bus though the bicycle parking lots get VERY crowded as well. If you are planning on using the city’s Tsuku Bus, take Route #5 and get off at 学園並木 (Gakuen-Namiki) which is literally in front of/across the street from Namiki HS, or take Kanto Tetsudo bus and get off at Gakuen-Namiki (260yen from Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal unless they made any changes to the fare).

Other events this weekend:
Yasato Pottery Festival
Map and Survey Festival
Mongolia Exhibition
Michi no Ichi (arts and craft fair)
Science Day and Environment Day at Ibaraki Nature Museum

* Important Update (May 30)*
Namiki HS sent out letters to all elementary schools in Tsukuba City yesterday, asking parents and children to refrain from coming to their festival this weekend because the school has confirmed a case/cases of measles. The festival will still go on, however. The festival was supposed to provide the opportunities for kids and parents in Ibaraki to take a look at their facilities, so the school regrets making this announcement.

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