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NAGAKNOW, the Nagano’s first English magazine

Those who live in or near Tokyo, you’ve either read or have heard of free English-language magazines like Metropolis , Weekender and Tokyo Notice Board. Those are great source of information for non-Japanese speakers or those who are learning English. Though Metropolis has awesome forums for people from various parts of Japan to exchange information, those magazines are Tokyo(Kanto region) -based and they look like the tourist books if people who live outside of the Kanto Region get a chance to pick up some copies (They are great magazines and I love them!).

Well, I have a very exciting news to share with you; a new English magazine just came out in Nagano Prefecture! The name of the magazine is NAGAKNOW, and this is the first-ever free English-language magazine in Nagano!!

(The cover of April 27 – May 25 issue. This image was kindly provided by the representative of NAGAKNOW.)

I was afraid that there wouldn’t be any copies left for me to pick up since their very first issue came out on April 27th and the launch of this new magazine was in several newspapers in Nagano. Despite my concerns, I was able to pick up copies from the tourist information office in JR Matsumoto Station and also from the Matsumoto Tourist Information Center near the Matsumoto Castle during the “Golden Week” holidays.

NAGAKNOW is a full-color magazine about half the size of The Alien Times and is somewhat like The Alien Times (obviously, with more funding). There are articles submitted by local residents, list of events, information on local tourist’s spot and restaurant info.

OK, sounds a lot like The Alien Times, but NAGAKNOW is also a bilingual magazine! They place the English and Japanese articles side by side for those who are learning Japanese and vice versa.

NAGAKNOW also goes out to the streets and interview local residents, Japanese and non-Japanese. In their first issue, they went to Matsumoto Castle for their “Street Talk” section of the magazine. In “Local Flavor,” they interviewed the local ramen shop owner. The ads placed by local restaurants, accommodations and other businesses are also interesting to look at. We definitely don’t see an ad for a lodge located near the peak of 3080 meter mountain around here!

As you can see, their website is still in the making and they are still working on their contents, but if you have friends and families living in Nagano Prefecture, please tell them about this exciting new magazine.

Nagano is already a very popular destination for those who enjoy winter sports and mountaineering, but there are more reasons to visit Nagano this year! Did you know the City of Matsumoto in Nagano is celebrating its 100th year this year? If you are planning a visit to Matsumoto City, please also plan to pick up a copy of NAGAKNOW. You’ll love it!

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