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Michi no Ichi (arts and craft fair) in Kasama

道の市(Michi no Ichi) is an arts and craft fair in Kasama City that is held on the first weekend of June, which is this weekend!

It’s only their 5th year, and is much smaller than festivals like Tsukuba Festival and the Himatsuri(Kasama Pottery Fair), but I really enjoyed it last year! Various artists and craftsmen from Ibaraki and other parts of Japan come to this fair, so this isn’t just the pottery event. You’ll love delicious food prepared by local groups and businesses, and will also enjoy live music and dance performances. I liked the Bali Dance performances, but it looks like there isn’t any Bali dance this year :-(

June03.06.dancers.JPGMichi no Ichi 2007
June 2 (Sat) from 10am to 5pm
June 3 (Sun) from 10am to 4pm
Bentencho area of Kasama City
(It’s only a couple of minute walk from JR Kasama Station.
You’ll see and hear the festival from the station!)
Michi no Ichi flyer
photos from last year and the year before

Other events this weekend:
Namiki High School Festival
Yasato Pottery Festival
Map and Survey Festival
Mongolia Exhibition
Science Day and Environment Day at Ibaraki Nature Museum

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