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Japan With Kids website renewed

I don’t know how many of you got a chance to visit the Japan With Kids(formerly Tokyo With Kids) booth during the Tsukuba International Exchange Fair last weekend, but on behalf of Japan With Kids, I’d like to make an announcement of their website renewal.

Japan With Kids(JWK), as it says on their website, is “the interactive online community for English speaking parents in Tokyo and all of Japan.

This website is the place to go if you are in Japan with your children, but those who without kids and those who are not even married yet can also benefit from this site. JWK’s forums were down for nearly a year due to spam and other problems, but they are back!!

JWK has discussions like;
Foreign Kids in Japanese Schools

Cost of Living

Passport renewals for children of USA

and also has good resources such as;
International Schools in Japan

List of English speaking internet groups in Japan

Resources for parents of children with special needs

We know we have great source of information of our own in Tsukuba like The Alien Times, TAIRA and us, TsukuBlog, but we can still benefit from JWK a lot. If you are planning to move to another part of Japan or if you have friends who are planning a move to Japan, please tell them about JWK. I can’t tell you how helpful this website was when I was planning my move back to Japan!

Please take a look at their forums and join the discussions!
JWK forum main page


  • Sandy Cox says:

    They have some good information on summer camps (the kind where your child goes for 6 days and 5 nights, sleeps there, etc.), that are in Japan but run in English. The link is right on the cover: http:// http://www.japanwithkids.com

  • RrFish says:

    Hi Sandy, thanks for the information.
    I see your name on JWK forums often, by the way.

    Many afterschool programs in Tsukuba offer summer camps and programs, but they are not in English, of course. My son loved attending those programs, but I’ve signed him up for one of the English-language camps in Tokyo this year since I want him to try new things and meet new people.

    If other parents reading this are looking for activities for their kids this summer, please check out the Japan With Kids’ discussions. You’ll be surprised how many programs/activities are being offered!