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GERD KNÄPPER, a German artist to open his gallery in Daigo

Gerd Knapper, a German ceramic artist and a sculptor who lives in the Town of Daigo (Daigo Machi, 大子町)* in nothern Ibaraki, has opened his gallery in his studio/home in Daigo.

According to the Asahi Newspaper, the opening ceremory for his gallery was held on May19. Among the many visitors who came to congratulate him on the opening of the gallery was the governer of Ibaraki Prefecture. Those who want to visit this gallery must call him and make the arrangements ahead of time. The number is 0295-72-2011.

Here’s the Home pge of Gerd Knapper in English.

In his Japanese website, GERD KNÄPPER, you can enjoy his artworks here, including the one in Tsukuba. You can also see what his studio/gallery looks like here. (Please note that the e-mail address that you see at the bottom of his Japanese website is NOT his personal e-mail address. It’s the e-mail address for the stone shop in Tochigi Prefecture.)

When you make plans for visiting this new gallery in Daigo, please read more about the Town of Daigo in Alien Times!

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