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The filming of an Indian movie taking place in Tsukuba!

I just saw this information on ACCS(Tsukuba’s cable TV/ internet service provider) website.

A prominent Indian film maker Aparna Sen (spelling?) is shooting her film called “Kite” right here in Tsukuba!! The filming in Tsukuba started on March 30, but I don’t know how long she’ll be in Tsukuba. According to ACCS news, the filimg is taking place in 神郡(Kan-go-o-ri) area of Tsukuba, which is just south of Mt. Tsukuba or I should say just north of Hojo area, near the Hojo Lake. The film is not scheduled to be released in Japan, but the Japanese title would be “Japanese Wife” if it ever comes to Japan.

I tried to look for more information, but all I could find was the information for the 1994 Indian film by the same title. Tsukuba City’s Film Commission office hasn’t even mentioned this on their website.

Does anyone have more information about this, and if you do, would it be possible to share that information here? I’d LOVE to know more about it!