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The Anpanman Museum to open in Yokohama tomorrow

A children’s superhero, Anpanman and his friends are coming to Yokohama! There’s already a museum in Kouchi Prefecture in Shikoku Island where the creator of Anpanman, Takashi Yanase is from, but that’s just too far for kids in Kanto region to visit. The new museum is still a bit far from Tsukuba, but you can get there in 2 hours from Tsukuba Station. A new museum is called Yokohama Anpanman Kodomo(children) Museum, and it will open tomorrow at Noon!

The museum’s website doesn’t have much information yet, but I’m guessing that they’ll put more info once the museum opens up. According to the Yokohama Keizai Shinbun, this museum has a movie theater, shopping mall, restaurants and amusement facilities, all built with Anpanman themes. Admission to the “museum part of the museum” is 1000yen, but it’s free to go inside the museum facility.

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