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Sakura-themed exhibit in Tsuchiura


A sakura(cherry blossoms)-themed art exhibit called 2007年土浦桜比べ展覧会 (Tsuchiura Sakura Kurabe Tenran-kai) is currently taking place in Tsuchiura City, and I highly recommend going to this one!!

Here are the reasons why.
Various types of artworks by 21 established Japanese artists, some are 人間国宝/Ningen Kokuho or “living national treasure,” are on display on 1st and 2nd floors of 土浦まちかど蔵・大徳(Tsuchiura Machikado Kura, Daitoku(4th picture from the top)) near the JR Tsuchiura Station, and you can enjoy their artworks for absolutely FREE!

There are many old buildings and “spots that remind you of good ol’ times”  that are within walking dsitance of this exhibition site. It’ll be nice to stroll around the area, and visit a place like the Kijo Park. The Tsuchiura City’s Museum by the Kijo Park is closed for renovation until July, unfortunately.

The best part of this exhibit? 
There are FREE buses leaving from TX Tsukuba Station and JR Tsuchiura Station every hour between 10AM and 4PM on weekends and on a holiday(30th)!!!
I don’t know where exactly the buses will be(does anyone have the info?), but just look for these buses

I know it’s a short drive to this place from Tsukuba, but I’m interested in riding those retro-buses. I’m guessing that kids would love to ride them, too!

– Tsuchiura Sakura Kurabe Exhibit –

April 1 to April 30
9am to 5pm
Tsuchiura Machikado Kura Daitoku
(300-0043 Chuo 1-3-16 Tsuchiura City)


  • Maria Cornejo says:

    By the TX Tsukuba Station do you mean the Bus Station at the Tsukuba Center? So far this is the only bus station I know off (I arrived last week!, i live in the University of Tsukuba). Is there another one?
    Thanks for your post and information! im sure the exhibit is worth it… thanks for telling us. in my book, people like you ROCK!

  • RrFish says:

    Yeah, I rock!! L.O.L.

    You know, it doesn’t say exactly where anywhere on the flyer or on the website. It does say the buses will leave from JR Tsuchiura Station’s west exit(西口/nishi-guchi) though.

    Having said that, since there’s no place for a large vehicle to stop around TX Tsukuba Station other than the Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal, I think the retro-buses will be leaving from there.

    I’ll check with the Tsuchiura tourist association, and post the info here later.

  • RrFish says:

    I should’ve posted this first, but ….

    Welcome to Tsukuba, Maria!!
    This is a VERY interesting city for sure ;-)

    If you haven’t signed up and if you are available that day, please come to the Tsukuba Orientation! I wish there was something like this when I arrive here(and I’m not even a foreigner!).

  • Maria Cornejo says:

    thank you for the comments! and i will be at orientation !

  • RrFish says:

    Good morning!
    Sorry, I couldn’t post this info yesterday, but the buses will leave from Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal. I don’t know where exactly, but you should see a bus schedule posted somewhere(I’ll upload the pics I took yesterday in my next post).

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