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Kasama Pottery Fair

It’s a bit early to announce this, but I’m doing it anyway since I’ve come across a timely article on Mainichi Daily News.

From April 15 article:

Pottery-clad audio products hit the right notes

KASAMA, Ibaraki — An electronics manufacturer in Ibaraki Prefecture has begun receiving orders for audio products set in local Kasama-style pottery.

The speakers are shaped like a pot and their sound is clearer than that of normal wood speakers.

The amplifier is priced at more than 800,000 yen and each speaker at more than 30,000 yen.

An official from the manufacturer in Omitama said that the firm planned to market cheaper and smaller pottery-covered audio products. (Mainichi)

If this article got you interested in the Kasama Yaki(pottery), then 陶炎祭(ひまつり or Himatsuri), the largest pottery fair in the entire Kanto Region, will be waiting for you!

From Himatsuri Website:

‘Himatsuri’ in Kasama is the biggest event during the Golden Week with 219 potters and ceramic artists participating. Himatsuri can offer much more than other ‘Pottery Fairs’.
Potters have their individual stalls fashioned with their unique works and wares, and visitors can enjoy shopping for special finds. Visitors may also enjoy hands-on experience while interacting with artists.

In addition to Show-and-Sale of Kasama ware, there will be an auction of clay masks by ceramic artists and an exhibit of clay masks made by over 1000 local school children. There will also be brass band performances by elementary and middle school children.

On May 3rd visitors may enjoy ‘Evening Market’ until 7 p.m. and the main attraction of Himatsuri, ‘Evening Fest Live’ with their favorite potters while enjoying delicious food.

Please also visit the Himatsuri Blog if you want to view the flyers. You can view a larger image of “green” flyer just by clicking on that thumbnail, but for the ones in the middle and right, you’ll need to click “ココ” located in the upper left.

Various events will go on during Himatsuri, like hands-on activities for kids and adults, pottery auctions, and live music performances by local brass bands and a professional band. So there are excuses to drag your friends or family members who aren’t into pottery with you…!

I have to warn you though. Since this pottery fair is extremely popular and famous, be prepared for traffic congestion (the parking lots can turn into battle grounds)! Kasama City‘s been trying to come up with ways to ease the traffic/parking issues, but it hasn’t found a best solution yet. It’s urging people to use public transportations. There are free buses leaving from JR Tomobe and JR Kasama Stations, but only once an hour at the most.