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Hello Kitty-shaped vending machine in Moriya

Did you know there’s a Hello Kitty-shaped vending machine in Moriya City? It’s the first of its kind in Japan, and it officially debuted in Moriya on April 1.

This Hello Kitty vending machine is located in the Moriya Service Area on Joban Express Way. I know this is the service area we, Tsukuba area residents, tend to skip since it’s the first service area from Tsukuba, but I think this vending machine is a good reason to stop there! I know some of you, TsukuBlog readers would LOVE to take pictures of this vending machine to be added to the list of “weird things I saw in Japan”(I would!) ;-> Please note that Hello Kitty-shaped vending machine is only at the service area on the up lane(上り) side.

If you don’t have a plan of going there anytime soon, I’ll tell you a secret: you can actually see the backside of this vending machine from the Tsukuba Express train(yes, I’ve seen it, and it was easy to spot the famous kitten)!

Visit NEXCO East Japan’s Press Release to see what this vending machine looks like.

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