A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Farmer’s Market in Namiki

Vivian’s post “local produce” reminded me to write about another farmer’s market in Tsukuba. This one is held on Saturday mornings in Namiki Kinrin Park (並木近隣公園/Namiki Kinrin Koen), which is across the street from Namiki Kouminkan (community hall) by the Namiki Shopping Center. It’s officially from 10am to Noon, but the farmers get there before 9am.

This farmer’s market has a long history, and the farmers told me that they’ve started selling their veggies at this park when Tsukuba was still a quiet country town!

Like the farmer’s market Vivian mentioned, you can buy various vegetables for very low prices, so it gets extremely crowded especially when vegetable price hikes occur in “regular market.” A couple of years ago, price of lettuce went up to 300-500yen each, but you could still get it for 100yen at this farmer’s market. Naturally, a lot of people found out about it through word of mouth, and simple task like buying veggies became such a hassle!

What I like about this farmer’s market is that the vegetables sold there are organic. The farmers explained to me that they occasionally have to use minimum amount of agrochemicals, however. You’ll notice wormholes and some other damages to the vegetables you buy from these farmers, but you’ll know why their veggies don’t look as good as the ones you see in the grocery stores.

The sign in the picture is asking the customers to bring the 生ごみ(nama-gomi or raw garbage), so the farmers can use them as fertilizers. I always keep banana peels and other “veggie-gomi” in a different bag when I know I’ll be visiting this farmer’s market. I’m a “eco-minded” person, and since I grew up watching farmers in my neighborhood use raw garbage as fertilizers, it just makes me happy to bring veggie garbage to this place.

The farmers will be there every week, even during major holidays like Golden Week holidays and Obon holidays, and even during severe weather (I’m not kidding about this!).

A fish shop’s truck also comes every Saturday mornings, and you can have the fish cut in the way you like. I hear that you can buy the kind of fish you don’t see often in the grocery stores.


  • ayman says:

    Could you please tell me where could i found this place

    Is it in front of AIST ? right of higashi odori while going to tsukuba center ?

  • RrFish says:

    Hi ayman,

    If you are coming from Tsukuba Center, go down the Higashi Odori and turn left at Umezono 2 intersection. You can easily spot this intersection because you’ll see “Namki Ohashi,” a pedestrian overpass right before it.

    Once you turn left at Umezono 2, you’ll immediately need to turn left again, and turn right at the first T-junction. Go about 100-200 meters, and you’ll see the farmer’s market on your left.

    You can also turn left at the intersection in front of AIST, but I think going there via Umezono 2 intersection will be easier for those who’ve never been there.