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Crash Testing

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The Japan Automobile Research Institute will have an open day, with two full scale car crash tests viewable by the public.

If you are interested in finding out how a car crash test is setup and performed, here are the details:

Thursday April 19, 11am.
Side impact collision
Car 1: 22km/hr, 3 occupant dummies
Car 2: 40km/hr, 4 occupant dummies.

Thursday April 19, 2pm.
Front to front offset collision
Car 1: 0km/hr, 2 occupant dummies
Car 2: 60km/hr, 2 occupant dummies.

In order to see the test, please arrive AT LEAST 30 mins beforehand.

JARI is located along Tsuchiura Gakuen road, about 2km west of Tsukuba Center. There is also an entrance from Kenkyuu Gakuen Station on the Tsukuba express line.

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  • RrFish says:

    I saw this on the evening news yesterday! Too bad they did those tests on a weekday. My son sometimes tells me it’s “uncool” to wear seatbelts, so taking him to crash test site like that would be a good wakeup call for him for sure.

  • Shaney says:

    Yeah, I really wanted to go too! I have a friend who works at JARI, so maybe I can mention it to her that more people could come if they made it on a weekend. (Maybe they didn’t want too many people to come…)