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What do you gargle with?

Wow, I came to work in the puring rain this morning, and now it’s nice & sunny…and HOT!!

I haven’t been able to write a blog or comment lately because I’ve been very sick. No, I didn’t come down with flu, but my son’s school came very very close to being shut down since so many kids stayed home due to flu or high fever. I hope other Tsukubloggers and Tsukublog readers are doing well.

I was talking to another mom with a sick child, and realized that the way to gargle has changed a lot and there are many people who still don’t know the current trend. When I was in grade school, I was taught gargling with salt water is the best way to stay cold-free.

So…., what do you gargle with? Salt water, plain water, mouth wash…, or do you ever gargle?

Nowadays, kids are taught to gargle with green tea since it has sterilizing effect. Green tea gargling not only prevents cold but also suppresses cold symptoms. The mom I talked to and I were away from Japan for a while, so we didn’t know that the salt water gargling is the thing of the past!

I did gargle with green tea a lot earlier this year, and didn’t catch a cold. However, I was really busy lately and didn’t take time to gargle at all. Well, sure enough, I came down with a fever a couple of times! Now I’m a firm believer of green tea gargling(^m^)

If you are interested in the green tea gargling, please remember that the tea doesn’t need to be strong. The kind of green tea you buy from the vending machine is strong enough for gargling. In fact, I hear that 出がらしのお茶(degarashi no ocha or thin tea) is just fine. I’ve read somewhere that green tea gargling or drinking green tea also prevents bad breath, which makes perfect sense after hearing about the sterilizing effect of green tea!

Stay healthy and enjoy the sakura(cherry blossoms)!


  • dimaks says:

    wow first time to hear this.. might try :) thanks for the info.

  • Prima Cabina says:

    Yes, gargling with green tea is effective.
    Especially, at the first stage of a cold, feeling a tiny local sore throat.
    And also, it is right that “degarashi no ocha” is just fine.

  • RrFish says:

    Hi dimarks, you’re welcome & please try it sometime ;)
    I’ve done gargling with うがい薬(ugai-gusuri, or mouth(throat) wash) before, but I didn’t like the taste of it. Besides, it will get costly if you gargle a couple of times a day, everyday!

    Hi Prima Cabina,
    Thanks for confirming the effectiveness of “degarashi no ocha.” I always have to make green tea just for gargling since I’m a heavy coffee drinker, so that means I always have to thin tea…, which makes me feel like committing a crime(just kidding)!