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Tsukuba Language Group Books Praised

If you are looking for Japanese textbooks, you may want to try out Situational Functional Japanese by the Tsukuba Language Group.

I’ve used several textbooks; the series I found the best was Situational Functional Japanese by the Tsukuba Language Group. The book introduces you to lots of kanji from the beginning, and gives you both formal and casual speech, which is often not the case in beginner textbooks.

From post on Japanese Resources in the にじました blog.

Can any Tsukuba residents confirm or deny the usefulness of these textbooks?


  • Wouter says:

    I used them, and I found them quite good, if a bit messy sometimes. In my opinion you can use them for self study, but especially in the beginning you sometimes need someone to clarify some confused stuff.

  • Wouter says:

    Oh that looks a bit too negative, they`re quite good and I haven`t seen better ones :)

  • Shaney says:

    Hey Wouter,

    Thanks for your comment on the books! I guess it is pretty hard to study Japanese without at least some guidance at the beginning. It is so different from so many other languages that it is hard to understand some of the grammatical concepts without having someone there to explain them. Of course, a good textbook should at least try to explain them…

    If you do find better ones some day, please let us know!