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Survey on Traffic Problems in Tsukuba

If you are a driver and you bristle every time you have to wait three times before getting through the intersection of Tsuchiura Gakuen-sen and Nishi Odori, now’s your chance to tell someone to do something about it!

Okay, I may not have succeeded in making it sound like fun to fill out a traffic survey, but I think it is important to think about things like improving the infrastructure of our city every now and then. It’s especially important these days because the population of the city is growing — and judging by all the horrid mansions (condos) going up around the city, we are in for a major population boom in the next little while. If traffic flow is a problem now, it is only going to get worse when we add more people into the mix.

The National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management is doing a survey on traffic problems in Tsukuba and the results of the survey will be shared with the city and prefectural governments. The survey is only available in Japanese, so you might have to get some help filling it out if you can’t read kanji. The questions are really simple, though. There are three separate streams, with questions covering traffic jams, dangerous spots, and places where bicycles are parked illegally. In the stream covering traffic jams, you are asked to identify a spot in Tsukuba where traffic jams often happen by clicking on a map and then you have to indicate what times of the day are the worst, etc.

The deadline for responding is March 26, 2007.

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