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Restaurant Review: Il Cuore

DSCF3114.JPGI went to Il Cuore for lunch yesterday. Il cuore apparently means “the core” or “the heart” in Italian. (Can any TsukuBlog readers confirm that?) The restaurant is a bit hard to locate, but if you don’t mind getting a bit lost (and then, hopefully, getting a bit found) it is worth the effort.

I had the lunch set for 1680 yen. It is a bit pricey, but the quality of the food is high enough to warrant the price. The meal started with appetizers (a small meat dish and bruschetta), then there was a pasta course, followed by a meat course. Dessert and drinks were also included. The food was very tasty and served in an appealing way.


The restaurant is small and very tastefully decorated. There are large windows, which make the restaurant bright during the daytime, and the chairs are large and comfortable.

I would definitely go back to this restaurant again, and feel no qualms in recommending it to friends.

Address: Kise 1642-3, Tsukuba (click address for map)
Tel: 029-857-7179


  • Giorgio says:

    Hello. Il cuore in Italian means the heart.
    I am Italian and I have been invited for a dinner in this restaurant one week ago. We had a very good food (a little bit of Japanese-Italian fusion that made a gorgeous result). In spiute of the name and the menu the chefs are Japanese. I always hate to visit Italian restaurants outside Italy but this time I had a great experience. We had also some good wines from my region; a good selection at very reasonable price.
    Recommended by an Italian; try it.

  • Shaney says:

    Hi Giorgio,

    Thank you for confirming the translation of the restaurant’s name. I am impressed that you, an Italian, found Il Cuore up to your standards. There are many Italian restaurants in Tsukuba. Can you recommend any others that would get the “approved by a real Italian person” stamp? I quite enjoy Arzonie, Ghiotto, and Quadrifoglio. Have you been to any of them?