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Goin’ Where the Wind Brows

You’d think that if you were going to paint it on your vehicle, you would get someone to check it first.



  • dimaks says:

    suddenly i remember the song that goes like …”born free… as free as the wind (pls. continue) :D

  • Shaney says:

    Yeah, it made me think of Bohemian Rhapsody.
    “Anyway the wind …”

  • RrFish says:

    OK, I give up. What kind of a car is that?!
    My guess is that this is a moving stall….
    Then again, if this is a moving stall, that logo can be problematic.

  • Shaney says:

    Ha ha! It’s the Koushin Hanya mobile! It was parked outside Q’t on Sunday, selling super-long curry churros.

  • RrFish says:

    Thanks Shaney! That pic’s been bugging me since Sunday, so I feel better now. LOL

    Did you try the churros?

  • Shaney says:

    I didn’t actually try the churros. I had a taco from the van beside the “browing” van instead.