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An empirically-determined faster route from Tsukuba to Narita

In response to a request from Shaney in a comment on a post about the Ken-oh-dou, I made a kmz file for Google Earth about an empirically-determined faster route from Tsukuba to Narita Airport.

My experience shows that this route has less traffic and fewer signals and it is easier to speed. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to get to Narita on this route.

Download a kmz file for Google Earth

You can enjoy a tour of the route by clicking on “Tools” > “Play tour”.

The trick is to minimize your time on Route 408 as much as possible. The above route follows Route 408 after entering Chiba Prefecture, but I believe this part can be improved. Once I encountered a very slow, huge trailer three cars ahead of me carrying a very big part of something. It almost made me late for my flight that time.

I welcome other recommendations, impressions, and feedback. Let’s develop a faster route to Narita!


  • Anonymous says:

    You can keep road 11, turn right to 79, turn right to 44 and come almost to the airport

  • Prima Cabina says:

    Oh, that would be better than route 408.
    Fortunately, I usually use a parking service among the prefectural route 44.
    I would like to try your route next time.

    Actually, there is another option for passing through Ushiku city.
    If you go straight from Hitachino-Ushiku station and turn left at the corner of Kasumi supermarket and connect to prefectural route 48, you can completely avoid the route 408 with Anounymous’ suggestion in Chiba prefecture!

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