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Ume in Umezono Park

Last Saturday was the first day of Ume (Japanese plum/apricot or ume apricot) Festival at Ume grove park in Mt. Tsukuba(34th Mt.Tsukuba Ume Festival), but I went to the nearby park called Umezono Park instead. Umezono literally means Ume Garden, and there are many beautiful Ume trees in Umezono Park. The ume blossoms weren’t in full bloom yet, but I enjoyed the sweet smell of ume a lot!

If you visit this park on Sunday, you might also want to check out the thrift shop called “Umezono House” since it’s open only on Sundays now. Please read my blog entry about Umezono House below if you are interested.
Umezono House’s new store hours

Please note that there is no parking space for this park, but TsukuBus5 stops in front of Umezono Park/Umezono House!

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