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Special Showing of a film in Joso City

I don’t know how many of this blog readers are in the field of education or medicine, or just a big fun of Takako Tokiwa, but I got a flyer for this special showing that some of you may be interested.

There will be a special showing of a film called Fudeko Sono Ai, Tenshi no Piano (Fudeko, Her Love, The Angel’s Piano) in Joso City on February 17, Saturday.

This film is about Fudeko Ishii who became one of the pioneers of welfare of people with intellectual disabilities* and education of women. She was also a mother of three girls. Her first child was born with hypophrenia, and second and third girls passed away due to their health problems. She remarried a founder of Takinogawa Gakuen, the oldest welfare insutitution for people with hypophrenia in Japan, after her first husband died at the age of 35.
*I don’t know what the most appropriate word to use is nowadays.

Fudeko was a Christian woman from a noble family born during Keiou Period (1865 – 1868). She spoke 3 languages, and taught French at school for aristocratic women. The Empress Teimei, the wife of Taisho Period emperor, was one of her students. She had everything anyone could ask for, but she dedicated her life to educating people with intellectual disabilities and educating “healthy” people about people with disabilities.

The film’s subtitle, The Angel’s Piano, comes from the piano with the angel emblem Fudeko received as a wedding gift from her father and the other family members when she married to her first husband.

Here’s the official website for this film. The director of this film, Hisako Yamada, is also a mother of 43 year-old daughter who has severe hypophrenia.

Unfortunately, this film is not in any commercial theaters in Ibaraki, and the showing in Joso City is THE only chance for those who are interested to watch it in Ibaraki.

**** 筆子その愛、天使のピアノ(Fudeko Sono Ai) *******************

Casts: Takako Tokiwa(Fudeko), Emiya Ichikawa, Gou Katou
(they are all big names)

Time: February 17, Sat. from 2PM and 6:30PM
Place: Joso Civic Hall, 3222-3 Suwa Machi, Joso City,
Tel: 0297-22-2011

1600yen(1300yen Advance) for adults
1400yen(1100yen Advance) for high-schoolers and younger, people with disabilities, and care personnel.

* Childcare services available for toddlers and children with disabilities.
Advance reservations required. Cost: 200yen for snacks.


Sorry, the film and websites are all in Japanese.
Thanks wiki for additional information on Fudeko Ishii.

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