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Okinawa Massage and Cuisine in Tsukuba!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been looking for a good place to have a massage in Tsukuba, and have also been dying to go to Okinawa but haven’t found the chance! Well, finally I think I’ve found a great combination of the two!

“Yuima-ru” is located on Nishi-Odori, offering relaxation therapies followed by delicious Okinawan cuisine. On the therapy menu are reflexology and aromatherapy massages, as well as facials, and a special room where you lie covered from head to toe in warm wood-chips!
The Okinawan cuisine is wonderful with fresh vegetables and meat or fish – I have had the lunch set before which was delicious!

Here’s the website:

I’m planning on trying a combination of the Reflexology Massage and Lunch set, so I’ll give you an update on how it was!


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