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Current events at Aquaworld Ooarai

So…, many kids love everything nice and sweet. How about something…oh, yucky and stinky?

There is a new special exhibit called ”Naruhodo! The Unchi – Unchi no Unchiku- なるほど!ザ・うんち ~うんちのうんちく~”at the Aquaworld Ooarai. Naruhodo! means “Aha!” and unchi is the word for, well, what my kid refers to as poopee! (The exhibition name probably was inspired by the wildly popular quiz show from the early 80’s to mid 90’s by the name of “Naruhodo! The World” which, by the way, still comes on TV every once in a while as a special program. )

The exhibition is all about “Unchiku(stock of knowledge)” of “Unchi.” Over 100 sea and land creature poo specimens are on display, including the dinosaur poo fossil. You can also look at various paper products made from animal dung, and learn a lot about unchi, such as how to tell the health condition of a creature by looking at its unchi. Your kid(s) may even want to take a sniff at red panda poo! This is a very kid-oriented exhibit, so many articles on display are at kid’s eye-level.

The “poo exhibit” is from February 10 to May 6, Sunday, which is the last day of the “Golden Week” holidays. Remember, children can get in at half price on Saturdays except during long school holidays like Spring break.

Your kid(s) may also enjoy a visit to “Doctor Fish” on the 5th floor of this aquarium. I’m sure Turkish people are very familiar with this fish, but it has very recently become well known and popular over here. For those who are not familiar with this fish, it’s known for its use in the treatment of skin problems like atopic dermatitis since it nibbles dead skin (and only the dead skin) off people. Please see this page for more information on Doctor Fish.
Why not experience what it feels like to be treated by Doctor Fish? The “doctors” are in the “touching pool” by the playground on the 5th floor ;-)

Aquaworld Ooarai(main page)
Naruhodo! The Unchi
Feb.10(Sat) to May 6(sun)
Doctor Fish
Feb.10(Sat) to Mar.31(Sat)

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