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Noisy Helicopters

There will be some helicopter training days in January, so you might hear some loud sounds on these days.

January 23 from 5:06pm to 6:06pm
January 26 from 5:13pm to 6:13pm

If the weather is bad on these days, they will be changed to January 24 and 29, respectively.

I think it is funny that they gave the exact times in the announcement rather than just saying that it would happen between 5pm and 7pm. Do we really need to know that it will start at 5:06pm? I have noticed this in the past. Japanese seems to require a lot more precision than English, at least when it comes to time. It’s funny, because when I am translating, I usually have to deal with the opposite problem: English writing style usually demands a great deal more precision than Japanese. This concept of precision is quite interesting. I wonder if anyone has done studies on the precision requirements in different languages/cultures.

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