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Lady’s Days in Tsukuba!

You might have noticed that every Wednesday at Cineplex is “Lady’s Day”, which I think is fabulous, so I decided to investigate further and found a whole range of discounts available for us ‘ladies’, and also some for men!

Here are some of the discounts, including website addresses:

YOU WORLD has ‘Lady’s Day’ on Wednesdays:
1. Cineplex – 1000yen
2. You World Hot Spring Baths – 1050 yen
(Also, “Couples Day” on Tuesdays for 2625 yen, and “Men’s Day” on Thursdays for 1050 yen)
PUMP Rock Climbing – 500 yen

Creo at Tsukuba Center also has Lady’s Day on every Wednesday:
1. The Body Shop – free hand massage service
2. graniph (T-shirt store) – receive novelty present if spend over 5000yen
3. Very Very Cafe – 10% off
Here is the website for Creo with more discounts and member’s points for Lady’s Day:

1. Big Echo – Ladies Day on Tuesdays – 20% off Karaoke

Okura Hotel – Japanese Restuarant 2nd Floor – Lady’s Day is on Tuesdays
If you order the dish called 「こまち御膳」 you will receive free desert.


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