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Capture Go as Communication

The title of today’s post may not seem to make a lot of sense. I am writing about the game called “Go”, and in particular a simpler variant of the game called “Capture Go”. Now does it make more sense?

Yasutoshi Yasuda (安田泰敏) is a 9th level master of Go. He has developed a method to teach all people — children, elderly people, disabled people — in many countries how to play Go and to learn to improve their communication skills through the game. His students start by learning to play Capture Go, and then, if they are interested, they can continue to learn how to play the full version of Go.

Yasuda-sensei is very famous for his work in this area. He has written some books, two of which are available in English.

Go as Communication (Read a sample of this book.)

Let’s Play Go (Read a sample of this book.)

You can find out more information by doing an internet search of his name and the names of his books.

And now, for the good news!

Yasuda-sensei is coming to Ushiku!

On Sunday, February 25 from 1pm to 4pm, there will be a Capture Go Festival in Ushiku at the Social Welfare Center (Onabakecho 859-3, map). Everyone is welcome, and I have been assured that foreign people are especially welcome. The point of the event is to bring people together through the game of Go, in order to improve communication and understanding, so it will make the event even more successful if foreign people show up.

The deadline for signing up for this event is February 10. Call 029-873-2111 to register (in Japanese).

You can get more information about Go at Wikipedia.

Just to be clear, this event is not specifically designed for foreigners, so there will not be any official language support (such as English interpretation). However, the whole point of the event is to promote communication, so I think that if you go, people will try to communicate with you (as long as you make it look like you want to communicate with them).

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