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Yuzu Bath

Today’s post is kind of late, but I’m down with a cold (flu?) so I wasn’t planning on doing one at all. I went to bed at 6pm (!) but then someone just called me, so I woke up. Now I am waiting for the water to boil so I can make myself a nice, hot drink and go back to bed. I hope I can dash off this message in the time that it takes for the water to boil!

Today is the winter solstice, known as touji (冬至) in Japan. Apparently, on this day, you are supposed to take a bath with yuzu (柚子) floating in the water order to stave off colds for this season. (Now you tell me!!) Yuzu is a small, yellow citrus fruit from Japan that is quite sour (there is also a band called ゆず, but I don’t think having a bath with them would have the same effect). This practice is called yuzuyu (ゆず湯), literally “yuzu hot water”.

It’s too late for me, but I hope this information helps you stay healthy this winter solstice!

(The water just finished boiling, so I’m going back to bed now!)

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