A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Living in Tsukuba Guidebook

This is from the TAIRA mailing list:

The City of Tsukuba would like to announce that the 2006 English edition of the “LIVING IN TSUKUBA” GUIDEBOOK FOR FOREIGN RESIDENTS publication is now ready and available at the Sakura Branch Office of Tsukuba City Hall. It will soon be distributed to all City Hall branch offices. In Japan, it is called the “Tsukuba-shi Zaijyuu Gaikokujin no tame no Seikatsu Benri-cho”or “Seikatsu Benri-cho” for short.

This publication, with updated information (current as of late Winter/Spring 2006) is distributed for free by the City of Tsukuba as a service to non-Japanese residents of Tsukuba. The English language version also features information written in Japanese which may or may not be the original version. In most cases, the data was originally translated from the original Japanese article, but in some cases, information was translated from English. Other portions were written based on the experiences of foreign residents. This edition looks similar to the previous edition of 2004. Much older versions are available at the Tsukuba Central Library (Chuo Toshokan).

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