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Kanji Day

December 12 is Kanji Day. The kanji that represents the current year is announced at Kiyomizudera (temple) in Kyoto on this day every year.

Two years ago, the kanji was 災 (wazawai), which means “disaster”, because of the huge earthquake in Niigata that happened that year. Last year, the kanji was 愛 (ai), which means “love”. I believe the choice of that character had something to do with the Expo held in Aichi and the marriage of the imperial princess, Norinomiya (now known as Sayako Kuroda). This year, the kanji is 命 (inochi), which means “life” because of the birth of the imperial prince’s son, Hisahito, and also the lose of life due to bullying.

What kanji (or word) represents this year for you?

Read a short satirical commentary on the practice of choosing a kanji to represent the year. Funny stuff.

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