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Jobs for Students at Tsukuba City Hall

Job Announcement:
Overseas Student Co-ordinator for International Relations (OSCIR)

The City of Tsukuba is looking to employ 12 international students to help with various duties at City Hall. Applicants must: (1) be residents of Tsukuba, (2) be enrolled as international students at a college, university, or graduate school, (3) have at least one more year to complete their program, (4) be able to communicate in Japanese, (5) be computer-literate and be able to use word processing software, and (6) above all, be interested in promoting international relations and providing information to the international community of Tsukuba. This time, the city will hire native speakers of English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish and Portuguese.

Duties will include translating and interpreting for the city, publishing (including translating, editing, printing and distributing) a monthly newsletter in the OSCIR’s native language, and participating in international events sponsored by the city.
Employment will start from April 1, 2007. Students will be hired until March 31, 2008, after which renewal is possible.

Compensation for publishing the newsletter is set at 9000 yen/page. Additional payments will be made for translating and interpreting for international events. Note: A 10 % tax will be deducted from the above amounts unless your home country or region has special tax exemption agreements with Japan.

To apply,
Fill out an application form (available at the Sakura Branch Office, local universities, the Tsukuba Information Center and the home page of Tsukuba City Hall)

Obtain a student registration certificate.

Submit a copy of (1)your alien registration card and, (2)your student

The application procedure will consist of two stages:
(1) initial screening of your documents, and
(2) an interview which will include a translation test.
The interview will be held on February 19th, at the Sakura Branch Office. Only the candidates who pass the initial screening will be notified to set an interview time.

The deadline for application is January 30, 2007 at 5pm.

Hand in the form directly to the International Relations & Culture Division or send it by mail. In case of mailing the form, be sure to include your phone number and email address.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kishida or Mr. Miyamoto in Japanese at the:
International Relations & Culture Division, Tsukuba City Hall,
305-0018 Ibaraki-ken, Tsukuba-shi, Konda 1979
TEL: 029-857-3132
Fax: 029-857-9016
Email: ctz031[AT]info.tsukuba.ibaraki.jp

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