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Recycling Telephone Books

If you have an NTT telephone line, updated phone books and yellow pages will be delivered to your door. If you are able to answer the door when the books are delivered, you can hand the delivery person your old books for recycling. If you are not at home when they are delivered, you will receive a notice like the one below.

The date written in red tells you when the books will be collected. (In this case, it will be on November 23 from 2pm.) The red circle in the middle of the paper indicates that you are to put the telephone books outside your front door. (If the second option is circled, it means that you should put the books outside the door of your dormitory. If the third option is circled, you should put the books at the first floor postal area of your building. It is also possible that there will be a different designated place written in the final brackets.)

The books will be collected even if it is raining, so please put them outside on the designated date no matter what the weather.

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