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Make Your Next Visa Extension Delicious

The next time you have to extend your visa, consider going to Mito instead of Tokyo so you can enjoy a great lunch at Pizza Lino right near the immigration office. Pizza Lino offers a “lunch for two” that is a quite a deal. For 2600 yen (in total for two people), you will get access to the salad bar and drink bar, two main dishes (one pizza and choice of either pasta or rice), and a dessert selection (usually three small desserts like cake, panacotta, and ice cream per person). The salad bar is rather small but surprisingly filling. Actually, I have never once been to Pizza Lino and had someone complain that they didn’t get enough food.. You can also add a third person in for an extra 1300 yen.

To get to Mito, take a bus from Tsukuba Center to Tsuchiura Station (approximately 30 minutes) and then take the Joban line from Tsuchiura to Mito (approximately 1 hour). The immigration office is located on the south side of Mito Station. There is a Mini Stop (convenience store) located to the south and east of the immigration office. Pizza Lino is located on the same street as the convenience store near the McDonalds and Royal Host closer to the station.

Address: Jonan 2-8-32, Mito
Tel: 029-225-9877
Open: Monday to Saturday from 11:30am to 10pm,
Sundays and Holidays from 11am to 9:30pm

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