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Low Ratio of Foreign Researchers

I thought this article was particularly pertinent to Tsukuba:

It is reported in this evening’s edition of Nikkei Newspaper (p. 3) that, according to the 2006 White Paper on Science and Technology, the ratio of foreign researchers/engineers (highly skilled people with higher education) in Japan is only 0.7%, mainly due to communication difficulties such as language and cultural barriers.

Generally, English speaking nations tend to have a higher ratio of foreign researchers, i.e, 40.4% for Australia, 34.6% for Canada, 18.8% for the U.K. and 15.4% for the U.S. However, even France and Germany have relatively high ratios, 14.1% and 4.3%, respectively.

Japan needs to lower various barriers in order to attract more foreign researchers and engineers for higher productivity and growth in the future.

Source: Glocom blog entry from November 9, 2006

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