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Hi Tsukubloggers,

I would like to ask the bloggers here a favour. I have not yet figured out what the relationship will (eventually) be between Alien Times, Tsukuba Wiki, and this blog. In a perfect world, they would each have a large team of volunteers and a unique purpose or goal in the community. As it stands, they all kind of overlap one another and generally seem to serve similar purposes. I’m all for redundancy, however, since that helps to ensure that people get the information they need, from one source or another.

So, until (or unless) we come up with some sort of master plan for all of these sites, I would like to propose the idea that Tsukublog act as a sort of feeder for Alien Times articles. I want to make sure that the blog posts you write get maximum exposure to the Tsukuba community, and I also want to make sure that the information you provide gets archived in at least two places, so it has a better chance of surviving. To that end, I would like to ask your permission to create Alien Times articles out of some of your posts. I won’t necessarily post all of them on the AT site, but when there are ones that have the potential to help people in the future (like the ones about Sakura and monthly passes, etc.), I would like to be able to post them on the AT website and occasionally have them printed in the paper version.

Any objections? Please let me know what you think in the comments section or by emailing me. (If I don’t hear anything from you within a week or so, I will take your silence as consent — but I would really much rather have your explicit permission.) Of course, if you ever write a post that you would rather *not* see in Alien Times, just let me know and I will honour your wishes. Sound fair?


  • Daddy B says:

    No problem as far as I’m concerned. More power!

    -daddy b

  • RrFish says:

    I have no problem with that at all. Besides, some people might only read the printed version of AT and are not even aware of TsukuBlog!

  • Lua Alvher says:

    Shaney,I have no problem, most of us as tsukuresidents most encourage you for the effort to keep update the news, events etc.
    In fact, not all the people have the internet access, for that reason the print version also is necessary,
    gambatte tsukugirl!