A Local Perspective on Life in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Ibaraki Artifact Exhibit at Seibu

Ibaraki Artifact Exhibit & Sale started today on the 6th floor of Seibu Department, and it’ll go on until Wednesday, 16th. Hours are the same as Seibu’s business hours, 10AM to 8PM, but the exhibit closes at 5PM on the last day.

I went to this Exhibit about a year or two years ago, and I actually had fun! I bought several small “Ukiyo-e” prints, and am planning to go buy some more this time. If you are going to be in town during the “o-bon”period, then this would be a really nice to place to visit (to kill your time)!!

You can …

enjoy the works of art and appreciate the craftsmanship,

buy artifacts if you like them (or should I say if you can afford to buy them? LOL),

try making some of those artifacts at mini-craft school which is held twice a day every day during the exhibit,

or you can just go there to pick up the brochures from various tourist spots in Ibaraki!

Have a safe Obon*-break!!

*If you are not familiar with Obon yet, please take a look at this site. Please note that the site describes the “original Buddhist mythology behind Obon traditions.” Most Japanese people just think of Obon as time to spend time with the souls of the deceased by “picking them up” from the graves at the beginning of Obon and “taking them back” at the end of the Obon period.